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 Developer Blog - [Website and Forums]

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PostSubject: Developer Blog - [Website and Forums]   Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:37 pm

Website URL:

The current project on the website is going well so far, I have altered around the style of the website and making it more appealing.

I will also include the construction notes for the website as well.

Development Notes:
  • Website background has been altered to a suitable picture.
  • Website theme is still being arranged. Possible colors within theme: Blue, Green, Black, Grey, and Red.

Hello fellow members!

I'm here to inform you of my current project that I have been assigned to.

My main goal is to go through the forums and add specific categories to a group of boards which are shown in the forum index and to reorganize the forums.

After I establish this, I will move on to the website, you will see that the website has no content when you visit it by clicking on the URL below. No content has been fully cultivated - you should see the website bring together in a couple of days during my 'no-life' stage within my activities on the computer.

I hopefully will be updating this as this project progresses, keep up-to-date. afro
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Developer Blog - [Website and Forums]
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